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Katia Madier

• Hiking guide

From the age of 10, sport has always been a part of my life, whether for leisure or competition.
Over the years, and through various trainings, I learn to orient myself in the middle of nature, to supervise a group and to organize outings.
I practice competition in the sports of swimming, running and triathlon for many years.
At the age of 29, a skiing accident will call into question my sports career. At 32 years old, after a last marathon, I made the choice to stop competing to devote myself to alpine hiking
that I had discovered a few years earlier.
Thus, for 20 years, I have gained experience in the practice of this activity both in summer and winter
on snowshoes.
Today, in connection with my change of life, I fully put my skills at your service to guide you on the Aveyron paths, at your own pace, according to your physical abilities and your desires of the moment.

Katia Madier Guide de randonnée

So ready for adventure?

katia Madier pratcienne en shiatsu

Shiatsu in nature "Wellness Day" in Arvieu

• Shiatsu Practitioner

As for the Path to Shiatsu, it is a martial art, the “Ki Shin Tai” (the energy of the body and mind) that I practiced for many years, which revealed to me my connection with energies, in the early 2000s.
From this discovery, I followed the “Shiatsu practitioner” training to make it one of my professional activities.

My values

I aspire to guide you on the paths of Mother Nature, through a hike over a day or two days, with Kindness, in the sharing of the Heart and Well-being.


Welcome you

In my place of life, you will be welcomed in the joy of the heart with the two furry companions who share my Life. This place is conducive to relaxation, to relax, surrounded by trees and greenery, in full awareness with Nature.